From the frame out of the bride, the wedding couple turned magician magic
Source:  Edit:系统管理员   Published:2010-9-26  
Fashion to overturn the traditional wedding couple, bride and groom turned magician. Wedding, whether it is the bride or the groom''''s stage appearance, is full of magical color, so the scene to congratulate the guests exclaimed incessantly.


The day before yesterday at noon, in the People''''s Road, a five-star hotel, a reporter witnessed an ingenious "magic wedding." Wedding light blue background, white mist rising slowly, which will make you feel and proximity to dream. Groom from a burst balloon appeared to open the magic, turned into a magician. Then onto the groom''''s two good partners to a huge picture frame, middle frame is white drawing board. Hand brush and groom, happiness outlined in the drawing board on the outline of a beautiful bride. Become increasingly clear, a beautiful bride stick figure appears in the great drawing board. Then, the groom will be a Shaman on the cover to the frame, the groom promised a wish of love, the force opened pumping Shaman, a miracle, the beautiful bride standing frame, the audience of guests and friends cheered.
Then, the groom rose on the big screen into a real rose, dedicated to the bride. The bride off a petal, the groom turn into a delicate flower box, opened the box, which is a symbol of eternity diamond ring. Moreover, in the field of attention of all guests, the groom has used the "magic" to the bride who became a white dress and fiery red dress. In short, all the wedding site to link up with the magic, is staggering.
Subsequent interview, the reporter responsible for this wedding from the edge of the circle where the wedding is responsible for honey learned men, to this unique wedding, the couple under the guidance of the magician Wang Liwei, a full 100 days to practice, only production props to use more than a month. "In fact, this stylish wedding will not necessarily how much extra to spend. Magic and traditional wedding costs wedding almost the same as the basic aspects of magic instead of some of the traditional ritual process. And this wedding, mainly whether the new make bold to try, because it takes time to prepare, but must also have enough good new psychological. "Ma honey said.