Frame selection and frame with
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Now people see themselves dressed exceptionally beautiful home: the ground floor covered with carpet, whole body tiles, surrounded by painted walls, wallpaper, wood paneling, ceiling decorated in more kinds of lamp, chandeliers, smoke dome light. Despite these magnificent decoration, reflect the owners taste better, and the pursuit of self-cultivation, and there on the wall, table was, hidden in the display cabinet. Frame is a lot of the most popular form of display.
Frame as the furnishings in the West has a long history in Europe and America people, mostly in the living room, bedroom, dining room, stairs, or even the bathroom, kitchen hanging all types of frames, and sometimes over a dozen large size of a wall; sometimes a small box, a pot of green leaves, a white, put a corner of the vibrant dress.
In ancient China, also known as the elites of the house decorated with calligraphy and the habit of the hall, and some care into a shaft mounted, framed pages, some concave, in ink stippling, especially, red sandalwood, pear as the material of the frame, steady Ning heavy, antique, even a rich oriental transmission.
With demand for a variety of frames, frame production company also increased, and some brought their own works or works of art donated by friends, well-mounted into a box, a married lover, but also white-haired old couple, to assemble a wedding or golden wedding photos Zhang Xiqing.
Frame of the box, and the owner of the aesthetic taste are closely related, objective decisions on a variety of factors, summed up, to the following aspects should be added attention.
Walls of our house to the pale color of the majority, but the furniture, floors, and curtains, sofa cloth decorated with different color is, the choice of frame should be the main consideration is the environment itself, furnishings and works of the harmony of colors. If the tone furnishings in white, the color should not be too heavy frame; in turn, rich colors, furnishings, you should not choose all white frame. As for the work itself, should coordinate with frame color, contrast should not be too strong.
Nature works the same frame in the form of the decision. Painting, should choose a wide, undulating clear line angle frame painting, watercolor painting is opposite. Chinese painting oil painting frame should not be used, but should be used imitation hardwood, walnut rounded the frame. Prints, photographs and other kinds of painting, can be wide and may narrow the need for specific analysis.
To make the picture more prominent in the works and installed between the cardboard frame, cardboard thickness 1-1.5mm, width of 3-5mm, cardboard color tones according to the work itself and the frame of the color-matching . Pressure sometimes can jam on the two different colors so that the whole is more full of three-dimensional frame, appeal of the work will be more intense.
Paintings in the room should be affixed to the screen and the wall level. The level of the center line of the screen flush with or slightly higher than the human eye. Living room paintings should not be too big, blank wall to about half the width. If the screen is small, it may wish to select the pieces, three, two, four, five, with the size, form a small collection, arranged in the living room or study, do not have some fun.
In short, matching frame, which does have a lot of knowledge, from the local terms, so that the screen should be more prominent, more introduction; from the overall speaking, they have to decorate the environment to make it more vibrant, more warmth.