"Soft furnishings" exposition
Source:  Edit:admin   Published:2010-9-26  
And soft furnishings for the industry, many people feel strange, even now many people still do not know "soft furnishings" means what it is.
The so-called soft furnishings, the decoration is finished, the use of those easy to replace, easy to change the location of the ornaments and furniture, such as curtains, sofa sets, cushions, tablecloths and decorative craft products, decorative wrought iron, etc., on the second indoor furnishings and layout . Home accessories, as the movable decoration that reflects the owner''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s taste, is the crowning touch to create a home atmosphere, it breaks the boundaries of traditional decoration industry, the crafts, textiles, collectibles, lamps, floral, plants, etc. re-combined to form a new concept. Soft furnishings "more room space according to size and shape, the owner''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s living habits, hobbies and their economic situation, the overall comprehensive planning from the design decoration, reflects the owner''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s personal taste, not thousands" side. If home improvement is too old or outdated, needs change, and without spending a lot of money, renovation or replacement of furniture, you can present a different face, gives a fresh feeling.

Soft furnishings, spend less money, less time-consuming, fast-paced life of modern man by love, is becoming a new lifestyle.

Home soft furnishings that can move the decorations, the decorations, including cloth, paintings, plant load and so on. However, there are also particular about how to place, otherwise it will backfire. For example, the placing of plant, aloe, rose, evergreen, cactus, are due to indoor air purification, can create a healthy and pleasant living environment, it is more appropriate on the interior, but the tulips, lilies, leaves of spring and so easy to make because human skin allergies, affecting appetite and other reasons are not suitable for indoor cultivation.

Although the arbitrary large soft furnishings, if reference by professional graphic composition, color composition, three-dimensional form such as the recommendations of the training would be better designers.