Manufacturing Distribution Frame China
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Frame industry is an industry with a long history, according to archaeological research, China''''''''s earliest written records on the frame, Hunan Province in 1973 unearthed the Warring States Chu "People Dragon dynasty," which has been referred to the choice of frame material and the production process. Modern times, with the rise of European civilization, culture in the frame on the European continent Sheng popular, from the royal family to the emerging bourgeoisie, and the modern middle class works of art on the walls are framed paintings and hobbies, forming a long-term tradition. Relative to other countries, China is basically a continuation of the millennium change in the history of customs, in the frame style, with wood basically not much improvement can be said to fully inherit the history of styles and techniques.
Turning to the history of today''''''''s domestic frame is manufactured to mention the international market, the main reason is that since the reform and opening up, especially since China entered a golden 10 years, the domestic picture frame manufacturing has been fully penetrate the international market, the go almost 90 percent more than manufacturing in China, but consumption is the main terminal in the international market. So talk about the domestic picture frames, photo frames, picture frame manufacturing, must involve the international market demand and impact.
Since the 20th century, 90 years, the international frame, frame, photo frame manufacturing share of the distribution mainly in China, Korea, Mexico and other countries, the data show that occupied the three countries share of global manufacturing more than 90 percent, followed by Southeast Asia countries, Australia and North America occupy a small part of the local share. All the above is based on the share of manufacturing and international trade to reflect the number, but in fact set aside the manufacture, frame, frame, frame the core design is highly concentrated in the European mainland, especially Italy, Spain and other countries is Leading types of material frame, frame, picture frame design trends, other manufacturing-based countries, it is to imitate, learn from these core design from Europe, virtually no independent research and development, said more bluntly, Since the major OEM based.
The reason why the case, and the frame design is the lack of protection of intellectual property or intellectual property rights recognized by the vague boundaries of a direct relationship, trade protection barriers is difficult to relate to frame, frame, photo frame industry, but also, and frame manufacturing industry is still a labor-intensive industries related. Competition in the international market to China, Korea, Mexico, led by major manufacturers, in recent years also have a relatively big change, that is to create a more concentrated market share to China. This is the advantage of China itself, not unrelated, with the support of domestic industry, the ability to frame more and more concentrated, more professional, international buyers regard the intent to purchase almost to China.
China picture frame, picture frame, picture frame manufacturing business into the international market, devaluation of the founding of the Great Wall of Guangdong box industry, back in the eighties of last century, the Great Wall frame has all the major markets across the country, the Great Wall box industry was the first company to enter the U.S. market They frame the development of China''''''''s manufacturing industry has a profound impact. So far the industry sector is still the best known and one of the best benefits, the leading role of the Great Wall of frame, frame manufacturers in Guangdong to become China''''''''s first industrial base.
Guangdong, the rise of the box industry, especially for the distribution center in Guangzhou for the Wende the market, in the mid to late 90''''''''s, is essentially the capital of the domestic picture frame industry. But change is also after the mid-90s, Yiwu and Wenzhou, Zhejiang, represented by frame manufacturers, quickly achieved a market leading position, they are the core competitiveness is the price factor and the principle of breaking industry segments, virtually all the main materials and auxiliary materials, components have their own production, thereby reducing costs. At present, the industry is basically a frame full of the situation three regions, Guangdong, led by the relative focus on quality, manufacturing technology, manufacturing area, price, number of core competitive areas of Zhejiang, Guangdong and Zhejiang integrated characteristics of the manufacturing around Shanghai area.